Custom Rental Exhibits

The world moves at a fast pace. Staying relevant requires you to be constantly on your toes, tweaking your product, your business, and your marketing.

To help you stay flexible and up-to-date, Mobius offers custom rental exhibits. We follow the same hands-on process as if you were purchasing—discovery, creative development, fabrication, setup, and dismantle—but you get to skip the storage fees!

A rental allows you to create a powerful large-scale island exhibit tailored to your specific event. It’s a one-time expense with huge impact.


6 Reasons To Rent Your Trade Show Exhibit:

Custom Rental Exhibit1) Create a unique look for each trade show.
Your 20-foot Batmobile graphic turned heads at the Washington Auto Show…but it just won’t make sense at the National Farm Machinery Show. Renting allows you to tailor each exhibit to the right target audience.

2) Make your CFO happy.
CFOs love renting because it’s a one-time expense rather than a depreciating capital expenditure. It’s a more efficient way to manage your annual budget. Plus, we offer free storage of client-owned assets and discounts for multi-show projects.

3) Overseas? Exhibit in the US with ease.
Did you know 75% of companies from outside the US rent rather than purchase? It makes sense, when you factor in the monstrous shipping costs. Mobius works with companies all over the world to bring their brands to the States.

4) Be in two places at once.
When you have overlapping or back-to-back shows, you need multiple sets of exhibits. Renting is the perfect solution for these occasional situations.

5) Try before you buy.
You never know how your audience will respond to new messaging until you test it out. Before you commit to that new tagline, do a trial run with a rental. If it sticks, then you can make the long-term investment.

6) Be kind to the planet.
As long as they stay in tip-top condition, we continue to repurpose our rental exhibits into new custom solutions. Less waste is something we feel good about.


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