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Trade Show exhibits in OrlandoYour exhibit space should reflect your company’s distinct look and feel, which is why it’s so important to choose the right partner to trust with your brand.

We offer effective and impactful rental exhibits

Successful exhibiting requires creative rethinking of business practices in order to find new ways of communicating with and satisfying customers.

Mobius Exhibits is your guide and partner in this process. We create interactive exhibits and hybrid trade show exhibits solutions that power today’s face-to-face marketing experience.

To create a visible brand solution that is sophisticated, attractive, and compelling in design, we pride ourselves on the open nature of our client relationships. We focus on designing solutions based on end results. Defining the message we are trying to communicate is almost as important as the audience we are trying to communicate with.

If you are considering renting a trade show exhibit in Orlando, we have the tools to deliver. From custom and modular exhibit design to turn-key installation and dismantle, Mobius trade show exhibits and displays can help you attract and retain your customers.

Rental exhibits stretch your budget while giving you a custom look

Did you know that 75% of companies from outside the US rent rather than purchase?

Conventional wisdom might suggest that it is more cost effective to purchase. However, depending on the size of your exhibit and the frequency of your events, Mobius can show you where and how those dollars are being spent.

If you are exhibiting in an island space, you are paying storage and handling fees all year for something you many only use once or twice. Within those dollars are insurance and handling fees. Those are dollars that can be better spent each year on looking new or different which creates IMPACT. For this reason, island exhibitors are our most frequent renters.

  • Create a new look for each event
  • Expense it vs capital expenditure
  • Not tied to one size space
  • No storage and handling fees
  • More efficient way to manage annual budget


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  • Expense it vs Capital Expenditure
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  • Custom Exhibition Displays
  • Custom Trade Show Exhibit Design
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Trade Show Tips

How many of these key points are you currently exercising?

Align your trade show goals with your complete marketing and company strategies

Create goals that are precise, determinate and appropriate

Make earlier payments in order to avoid rush charges and (surprisingly high) late fees

Rental of booth space is nearly one-third your budget, for the remaining invest in the areas that gives you best R.O.I.

Choose an exhibit where you can target most of the audience

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Exhibit Rentals

As budgets have changed over recent years, so has the importance of custom
exhibit rentals today. All clients want a custom look and feel to their
exhibit footprint

We approach a custom rental as we would a traditional build.

We are not building a permenant stop.
With a limited budget, we combine
stock materials with custom elements to create something special. The result
is something unique and engaging that otherwise would not have been

Combining cutom and rental components can result in a solution that that looks custom but with a much lighter pricetag.

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Did you know that  76% of tradeshow attendees have a pre-set agenda of what companies they plan on visiting before they even arrive at the show?    

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