About Mobius Exhibits

When we founded Mobius Exhibits, our goal was to provide an alternative to big-box agencies. We turned away from mass-produced, cookie-cutter designs to focus on a more personal and creative approach to developing trade show exhibits.

We’re a boutique agency—a small team of passionate designers, architects, craftsmen, project managers, and strategists—backed by 15+ years of experience in trade show exhibit design. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we serve businesses all over the world.

As you know, trade show marketing really boils down to two objectives: strengthening brand awareness and generating leads. At Mobius, we make sure every piece of your exhibit—from the architecture and the graphics to smaller details, like the color of the light bulbs—evokes the heart and soul of your brand. And we design with the end in mind, starting each project with a solid understanding of your brand, your audience, and the avenue where the two intersect.

Our Process:

We believe the key to developing an impactful exhibit is having a deep understanding of your brand and your marketing objectives. That’s why each project starts with a needs analysis, where we learn about your brand story and your goals for the event. We also help you determine whether renting or buying would be a better fit for your long-term strategy and budget.

From there, we start exploring your brand and developing design concepts. This is when those creative sparks start flying.

Once we’ve presented you with a detailed visual of your design, we begin our in-house fabrication process.

Finally, we handle the packaging, delivery, setup, dismantle, and return shipping—at which point, everything is stored in our warehouse.

Our turn-key offering provides everything you need to get noticed, build awareness, and generate leads.


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